Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Ishai Hachlili

Smart Trivia, Inc.
About Ishai
Ishai is the founder of Smart Trivia, Inc. where he builds trivia games for smartphones using MvvmCross and Xamarin. He's also running the Silicon Valley Mobile/Cross Platform .Net Meetup and helps other companies build mobile apps using Xamarin as a consultant.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Build Cross Platform Mobile Apps for iOS & Android with Xamarin & MvvmCross

    This session will show you how to get started building native apps for iOS and Android using Xamarin, MvvmCross, .Net and C#. By the end of this session we will have an app running on both iOS and Android that can take a picture, get the user's location and use cloud services to get insights about the picture. Using the free, open source Xamarin platform and the MvvmCross framework will allow us to share about 80% of our code between platforms, making it easier to maintain and add features to our app.