Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th 2015

Steven Chamberlin

About Steven
Steven Chamberlin is a service reliability engineer for the cloud data services team at IBM, which provides resources for developers to get, build, and analyze data using BlueMix, IBM's Platform as a Service. Prior to that he was a developer for an internal tooling/infrastructure team. He has been with IBM for 13 years and has also held a variety of roles in quality, including system test, integration test and automation.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Prototype an IoT Healthcare Cloud App with Virtual Sensors

    3:30 PM Saturday   Room: S-150
    So you have a really cool idea for an IoT application? With a cloud platform like IBM’s Bluemix PaaS, hosting your application and persisting sensor data to a backend service is easier than ever. But what if you don’t have all your IoT sensors hooked up and ready to go? If you want to prototype your idea quickly, this can slow down a budding idea before it has a chance to bud. We will demonstrate a solution to this problem: "fake it till you make it" with virtualized devices. We will show how we implemented this idea for a healthcare app prototype by simulating the data from virtualized sensors representing real-time biometrics data from a doctor office/clinic. We use this data to power a healthcare app on the cloud which correlates data from body sensors with patient’s historical data and assists both doctors and patients in improving patient health.