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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Katherine Harris

Katherine Harris
Katherine works as a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, helping other implement their Windows/Mobile/Cloud solutions. Katherine has background in Azure mobile services and widows 8/8.1 and 10 development though specializes in game development. She does talks, videos and tutorials, about the Unity development as well as the integration of multiple hardwares in gaming. You can follow her blog at kaharri.com and follow her on twitter @katvharris
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Speaking Sessions

  • Unity Development

    11:15 AM Saturday   Room: AF-231
    This session will demo how to implement more of the advanced effects and parts of Unity. I will be showing world creation; teaching script interaction and architecture; monetization of in game ads; and new UI animations and mechanim controls. This is not a walk through of creating your first game but demonstrating the implementation of how to take your game to the next level.

  • An introduction to Windows XAML

    9:45 AM Saturday   Room: AF-231
    XAML is Microsoft's premium UI presentation technology. Building Windows Presentation Foundation app? That's XAML. Building a Silverlight app? That's XAML. Building a Windows Phone app? That's XAML. Building Windows Universal app? That's XAML, too. The native Windows 10 UI is XAML, the next version of Office is XAML, and Microsoft's first party out-of-the-box apps are also XAML. This session is for people ready to get started. Understand the concepts, implement the basics, and dabble in the advanced.

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