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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

Pavi Bhatter

Pavi Bhatter
Pavi Bhatter is a high school student and an active Girl Scout for 10 years. She is interested in learning about technology and sharing it with other kids. Her other interests include track&field, playing drums, dancing, and photography.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Circuit Art

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: PSEC4601
    This session is a about having fun with play dough and learn about electricity and circuits. It is really geared towards younger kids in the K1-5 grades. It is based on the idea of "Squishy Circuits" ( http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/apthomas/SquishyCircuits/ is a popular concept ) Kids will get to create things using play dough, batteries, LED etc. They will start with some sample models to build and then it is up to their imaginations and the material available in the workshop. They will get to see one of the simpler creations being controlled by none other than the open source microcontroller, Arduino.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

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