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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

Dan Arkind

Dan Arkind
Dan co-founded JobScore, a freemium online hiring solution now used by over 1000+ employers. Dan is a 15 year veteran of the tech startup talent wars that helps companies get better at recruiting, helping them tune their internal “hiring machines” – In the past few years he’s helped Twilio, Tagged, RedBeacon, IMVU and more double the size of their teams in > 9 months.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Recruiting Hacks for Engineers - how to hire the best team imaginable

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: 5015
    Want to work on an amazing team? Don’t leave the job to someone else. This lively panel will share from-the-trenches, battle-tested tactics from elite talent hackers including how to: • More effectively tell the story of your product and tech • Create powerful talent magnets that attract the best and brightest • Build a unique engineering brand • Reduce the # of false-positive hires If you want to get better at hiring, you’ll walk away with actionable ideas on how to build a better team

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2012

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