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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011

Oswald Campesato

Oswald Campesato
Oswald is passionate about education: a former PhD Candidate in Mathematics (ABD), with 4 Masters and 2 Bachelors degrees. Previously he worked in South America, Italy, and the French Riviera, and he traveled to 70 countries around the world. He has worked from C/C++/Java developer to CTO, and currently working at SwiftBot. He's comfortable in 4 languages and trying to learn Japanese. He's a Series Editor for Mercury Learning and working on his 17th book.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Mobile Flex for Java Geeks

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 4301
    Adobe Flex is an open-source technology that lets you create GUI applications in Actionscript and XML that can be deployed anywhere Flash technology is supported. So why should I care as a Java developer? The reason is that Flash applications are supported on Android, iOS, and Blackberry. This gives you a way of building a GUI front-end for your J2EE application that deploys to desktop, mobile, and tablet, fulfilling the prophetic goal of write-once, run anywhere for the mobile future. This session is a crash course on Actionscript and MXML for Java Geeks, with a focus on leveraging your existing skill set to get you building Flash mobile applications by the time you leave. Come learn a new skill, and impress your friends and boss with your very first cross-platform mobile application.

  • Extending the Power of CSS3

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: 8403
    This session will present code samples showing people how CSS3 can leverage the capabilities of SVG. Soft pre-requisites include some knowledge of CSS, but beginners are welcome. Co-presenters are Oswald Campesato and Tab Atkins. More details to follow...

  • Programming Android Tablets

    1:45 PM Saturday   Room: Cafe
    This session provides working code samples, including a Twitter-like application, of Android 3.x on tablets. Some knowledge of Android is recommended (expertise is not required). Co-presented by Oswald Campesato and Marko Gargenta. More details to follow...

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2011

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