Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 9th and 10th, 2010

Mark Terranova

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Speaking Sessions

  • Beginning Ubuntu Gnu-Linux Development

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 8402
    SESSION FOLLOW UP: <ul><li>we'll have an <b>Ubuntu Hour in Mountain View Thu 10/21/2010 7pm @ Red Rock Coffee. Details, directions and RSVP here:</b><br/></p></ul> . <p><ul><li><b>On Thur 10/28/2010 5:30-8pm @ Yahoo!'s HQ in Sunnyvale we'll hold "Lighting the Maverick LAMP with Ubuntu 10.10"</b> for details and RSVP go to: <b></b></p> <br/><br/></ul> . <p><ul><li>FOR VIDEOS of the session and the presentation slides see <b></b></p></ul> <p> <p> . <ul> <u>THIS EVENT WAS: a series of <i>lightning talks</i></u> on <b>how to get started in developing for and with Ubuntu,</b> the world's most heavily adopted, supported and popular Gnu/Linux OS distribution which adds many extra user-friendly features to a rock solid DebiCodeCamp2010an base and the GNOME desktop environment. </p></ul> . <p> <ul>Developers, have you heard the news? <b>Ubuntu (oo-boon-too) is a FREE of licensing restrictions (ie FLOSS or Free/Libre Open Source Software) and FREE of cost PC OS packed full of similarly FREE development tools and applications as well as some apps for sale</b>. Feel free to go to to download whichever of the FREE versions of Ubuntu you wish to run. The FREE and safely secured Ubuntu repository/app store has 30,000+ mostly FREE packages/apps. <b>Would you like your app to be available or on sale for the 12 million Ubuntu users at the Ubuntu Software Center (ie. app store) also?</b> </p></ul> . <p> We won't try to cover these topics exhaustively but we'll give you glimpses into the vast resources and tools freely avaiPlable to <b>build a career path via Ubuntu</b>: <ul><li>The tremendous support available from the worldwide, 24x7 Ubuntu community. <li>The easy installation of Ubuntu itself and of development tools on Ubuntu. <li>Factors that make Ubuntu a great target to develop for and a great development platform. <li>Use of the ingenious 'Quickly' Python RAD development tool for streamlined inclusion in the Ubuntu Software Center app store. <li>PyGTK and GNOME development. <li>Installation of the popular Eclipse IDE and language-specific plug-ins. Ubuntu as a development platform for Android and other mobile devices.</ul> . <p> <u> NOTE:</u> Ubuntu makes an excellent development platform to work on most any open standard language including, but not limited to: Python (the language officially favored promoted for Ubuntu), JavaScript/ECMAscript, Perl, PHP, Java, Ruby, C, C++, C#, Objective C, Pascal, Erlang, Smalltalk, Shell (BASH, etc.), BASIC, CFML, SQL and the new 'NoSQL' alternatives like CouchDB, and even some modeled after proprietary languages like Gambas (modeled on Visual Basic), Lazarus (modeled on Delphi) of course not to mention all the web technologies such as HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, etc.; many different cross platform frameworks, including but not limited to: Django, J2EE, J2ME, .NET/Mono, KDE/qt, GNOME/GTK+, wxWidgets, etc.; and target most any device you wish, including Android, ARM, Unix and various embedded devices -- even to a significant extent the proprietary platforms such as Blackberry iPhone, MS Windows and Macintosh; using a number of industrial strength IDEs including Eclipse, NetBeans, Code: Blocks, KDevelop, vim, emacs, and gedit. Ubuntu is well suited to developing for cloud computing too and even creating your own cloud. Eucalyptus is featured in the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, and a number of other cloud computing environments are available as well.