Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 9th and 10th, 2010

Joe Arnold

About Joe
Joe Arnold has spent the past ten years building software systems for cloud computing, network management and high-volume consumer web sites. Joe is currently deploying infrastructure clouds with Cloudscaling. Prior to Cloudscaling, Joe served as the Director of Engineering at Engine Yard, and was responsible for building their Ruby on Rails cloud computing deployment platform and open-source efforts including Rails 3. Before EngineYard, he served as a Director for Yahoo Emerging Markets (India, South East Asia and Latin America), and built network management software at AirWave Wireless (acquired by Aruba Networks).
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Speaking Sessions

  • OpenStack - Open Source Cloud Software

    2:45 PM Sunday   Room: 8403
    The goal of OpenStack is to allow any organization to create and offer cloud computing capabilities using open source software running on standard hardware. OpenStack Compute is software for automatically creating and managing large groups of virtual private servers. OpenStack Storage is software for creating redundant, scalable object storage using clusters of commodity servers to store terabytes or even petabytes of data. Come to this session and find out what you can do with Open Source Cloud Software

    Speakers:    Dave Nielsen  Joe Arnold