Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019

Track Name: Management

SV Code Camp is the perfect place to watch engaging and entertaining talks given by industry experts and luminaries, and meet with developers for enaging and motivating conversations around specific topics.
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  • Time Management for Engineering Managers

    Time management is a constant challenge for all EMs. I will share tips, tactics, and strategies to get things. Topics include planning your day, time boxing, emails, calendar management, to-do lists, and effective meetings.
    9:30 AM Saturday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 38  | Interested: 67

  • What's It Take to Be a (Good!) Manager?

    Ron Lichty
    Managing programmers is hard! Becoming a successful manager requires a drastic change of focus.
    11:00 AM Saturday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 39  | Interested: 125

  • Applied Wisdom for the Emotionally Intelligent Manager

    Eric Braun
    In this section we will present key characteristics that allow emotionally intelligent leadership to emerge. We will also describe some practices that you can immediately use to increase your emotional intelligence.
    1:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside B
    Attending: 22  | Interested: 69

  • The Science of Programmer Motivation

    In this age of sky-high salaries, outrageous benefits, and ever-changing technology we would be wise to pause and ask, “What motivates programmers to work, grow, and stay?”
    2:15 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside B
    Attending: 26  | Interested: 58

  • Building Distributed Teams

    Practical advice and considerations for how to identify, build, and grow a distributed team. The talk will cover issues like considerations for identifying a location, recruiting and building a team, effective and efficient communication channels, and ensuring remote offices are set up for success.
    3:45 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside A
    Attending: 18  | Interested: 69

  • Q&A Panel with Engineering Managers

    Ron Lichty
    Tammy Baker
    Eric Braun
    How do I handle an unreasonable boss? What if I don't trust my team to deliver good code? How can I improve your team's attitude about agile? Why do I have so many bugs???
    5:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square B
    Attending: 24  | Interested: 48

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