Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019

Track Name: Interview Kickstart

SV Code Camp is the perfect place to watch engaging and entertaining talks given by industry experts and luminaries, and meet with developers for enaging and motivating conversations around specific topics.
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  • How to Defy Ageism in Software Engineering

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    Soham Mehta
    If you are nearing 40 or over 40, it may not be as easy to find your next role. This session will help you think through various options and plan ahead.
    1:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 51  | Interested: 104

  • Panel Discussion With FAANG Engineering Hiring Managers

    Join a candid and exciting panel discussion of FAANG hiring managers on hiring practices and what they are looking for in a candidate. Come with your best questions, and receive direct answers from horse's mouth! This is going to be a ton of fun.
    2:15 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square B
    Attending: 41  | Interested: 72

  • Engineering Management Interviews

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    Soham Mehta
    If you are an Engineering Manager or you're just curious about mgmt, then this session is for you. Interview Kickstart will go in-depth into what interviewers, especially at top companies, look for in an EM interview. And how to prepare for those!
    3:45 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside B
    Attending: 48  | Interested: 73

  • How to Switch Your Technical Domain

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    Soham Mehta
    There is no need to be stuck in a certain technical domain if you don't like it. Learn tips and tricks from engineers who have switched their domains.
    5:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside B
    Attending: 24  | Interested: 74

  • Graphs for Technical Interviews

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    Soham Mehta
    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Omkar Deshpande
    If Graphs are a bit challenging for you, then you don't want to miss this session. Interview Kickstart coaches will make Graphs much easier for you than before, so that you can confidently start solving Graphs' problems!
    9:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Town Square B
    Attending: 47  | Interested: 90

  • The Million Dollar Resume: A Workshop

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    Soham Mehta
    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Nicholas Camilleri
    Bring your resume and a pen/cil. Or a computer fully charged. In this workshop, Interview Kickstart coaches will help you make a solid resume. One that you can be proud of!
    10:45 AM Sunday
    Room: Fireside D
    Attending: 27  | Interested: 94

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