Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019

Track Name: AI and Machine Learning

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  • Machine Learning for iOS

    Learning how to create your own machine learning models with Turi Create and converting those models to Core ML models and apply them to iOS applications.
    11:00 AM Saturday
    Room: Round Table
    Attending: 14  | Interested: 43

  • Introduction to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

    Antony Ross
    This will be a non-intimidating introduction to machine learning. We'll talk about what it is, how machines learn, and why it has become so important. We’ll also discuss Artificial Intelligence and machine learning’s role in AI.
    2:15 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square A
    Attending: 54  | Interested: 123

  • Learn to use Artificial Intelligence for Personalization

    Gautam Gupta
    Artificial Intelligence for Personalization implementation
    12:45 PM Sunday
    Room: Rendezvous
    Attending: 10  | Interested: 87

  • DonkeyCar® - Build and Program an Autonomous Vehicle

    Ed Murphy
    DonkeyCar,, is a free, open source framework for self-driving scale cars. Come and learn how build, program, train and race a self-driving scale car.
    12:45 PM Sunday
    Room: Town Square A
    Attending: 15  | Interested: 61

  • Easy Path to Machine Learning

    Wesley Chun
    Developers today are creating insightful tools like never before with machine learning. However, not everyone has the background to jump straight into scikit-learn or TensorFlow. In this session, learn how to access Google's pretrained models by API.
    2:15 PM Sunday
    Room: Town Square A
    Attending: 74  | Interested: 162

  • Deep Learning's Most Dangerous Vulnerability: Adversarial Attacks

    In this session, Luba Gloukhova will survey the various forms of adversarial attacks against neural networks that have emerged, and the state of the art methods for defense.
    3:30 PM Sunday
    Room: Town Square B
    Attending: 21  | Interested: 93

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