Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Track Name: Microsoft Development

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  • 9 things every developer can do to be more inclusive

    The only thing stopping software from being inclusive is the developers. If they did these cost-effective things, they could increase their potential audience tremendously. This isn't about altruism, it's just good business practice.
    9:45 AM Saturday
    Room: Rendezvous
    Attending: 11  | Interested: 75

  • Developing for Mixed Reality and the HoloLens

    Holographic devices like the HoloLens brings with it a new wave of holographic development. This talk will cover how the basics of the device, how it works, and how you can start developing holographic applications today using Unity.
    10:45 AM Saturday
    Room: Chin Wagger
    Attending: 11  | Interested: 43

  • Getting Started as a Modern Windows Developer

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Jerry Nixon
    We’ll build an app together and you can gain the confidence to get started. 
    12:30 PM Saturday
    Room: Rendezvous
    Attending: 14  | Interested: 33

  • Building Solutions with the Microsoft Dial

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Daren May
    Microsoft Dial is an innovative extension to interact with apps, and the API is far more straight-forward than you might expect.
    1:30 PM Saturday
    Room: Round Table
    Attending: 5  | Interested: 11

  • Light up your app with the Composition API

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Daren May
    Managed developers now have direct access to the native graphics subsystem in Windows. enabling complex designs to be realized without compromising performance. But how? Leave this session with the confidence to build incredible apps.
    3:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Chin Wagger
    Attending: 5  | Interested: 20

  • Rock Your .NET Core Best Practices

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    David McCarter
    In this sessions, you will learn how to apply .NET Framework best practices to .NET Core.
    4:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Round Table
    Attending: 21  | Interested: 65

  • Artificial Intelligence for everyone, even you

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Jerry Nixon
    We've made it. Science fiction is now science fact. In this session, let's look at the approach of this new age and how to make the most with the skills you already have.
    4:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 37  | Interested: 62

  • Dive into Bots

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Doris Chen
    This session explores bot capabilities, design patterns, knowledge based bots, handling user actions, how bots interact with websites/apps, and how hand off to human bot works. Bot demo, and code sample will be illustrated throughout the session.
    5:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square A
    Attending: 51  | Interested: 92

  • TypeScript in Action

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Doris Chen
    TypeScript is used to build key frameworks like Angular. How TypeScript leverages features from the current and future of JavaScript will be illustrated. TypeScript 2.x, support for Angular, React, Node and type system, will be demonstrated.
    9:00 AM Sunday
    Room: Fireside D
    Attending: 21  | Interested: 78

  • The Node.js Event Loop: Not So Single Threaded

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Bryan Hughes
    Come learn about the relationship between the threading, asynchronous function calls, the Node.js Event Loop, and performance.
    10:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Town Square B
    Attending: 33  | Interested: 79

  • Bots are the new enterprise apps.

    {speaker.firstName} {speaker.lastName}
    Daniel Egan
    Let you users interact with systems in the communication channels they prefer (Facebook, Slack, Kik, Skype, email, sms) in one integrated solution. In this session we will show you how to utilize the BotFramework to build bots for your enterprise
    11:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Fireside C
    Attending: 27  | Interested: 74

  • The Psychology of Developer Tool Un-usability

    This is *not* a talk on proper UX design. What this talk will cover is what goes wrong cognitively (i.e. in the brain) when we try to design our own tools.
    1:00 PM Sunday
    Room: Shoot The Breeze
    Attending: 12  | Interested: 47

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