Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Track Name: Microservices and Containers

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  • Service Discovery in Container Orchestration Frameworks

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    Arun Gupta
    Learn how service discovery works in different container orchestration frameworks.
    10:45 AM Saturday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 22  | Interested: 92

  • There Is No Such Thing as a Microservice!

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    Chris Richardson
    What is architecture, why it matters and what exactly is the microservice architecture?
    1:30 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 29  | Interested: 147

  • Istio: service mesh for all

    Google, IBM, and Lyft created the Istio "Service-Mesh" codifying years of experience and best practices managing microservices. Learn about the Istio "Service-Mesh", how it can enable you to transition to micoservices, and how you can get involved.
    1:30 PM Saturday
    Room: Chin Wagger
    Attending: 6  | Interested: 21

  • Microservice Architecture using 12-factor on AWS

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    Asif Khan
    In this talk, Asif will discuss the microservices architecture and highlight key architectural patterns such as 12-factor, CI/CD, Service Discovery, Secrets management and Blue-Green Deployments.
    1:00 PM Sunday
    Room: Fireside B
    Attending: 30  | Interested: 102

  • gRPC Crash Course: Simple Microservices in Java

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    Ryan Michela
    gRPC is a new high-performance, open source RPC framework built on top of Protocol Buffers and HTTP/2. In this session, Ryan Michela gives you an introduction to gRPC and its capabilities will live coding a simple IRC style chat system using gRPC.
    1:00 PM Sunday
    Room: Fireside C
    Attending: 14  | Interested: 79

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