Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Track Name: Kotlin

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  • Design Patterns with Kotlin

    Kotlin looks great but do you feel like suddenly loosing all your coding skills and wisdom? Let's visit the Gang of Four Design Patterns and implement them on Kotlin using IntelliJ's native Kotlin support.
    9:00 AM Sunday
    Room: Town Square B
    Attending: 19  | Interested: 63

  • Creating an AWS Lambda Function with Kotlin

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    Troy Miles
    In this session, we will create a lambda service on AWS using Kotlin. Along the way, we will learn what a makes Kotlin an excellent replacement for Java and how simple it is to construct an AWS Lambda function.
    11:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Fireside D
    Attending: 12  | Interested: 78

  • Android Architecture & Material components with Kotlin.

    This talk will cover Android Architectural Components (Room, Lifecycle-aware components, ViewModels and LiveData). After building a clear understanding of the components we will explain how they work together to form a robust reference architecture.
    1:00 PM Sunday
    Room: Fireside D
    Attending: 13  | Interested: 68

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