Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 7 & 8, 2017

Track - Kotlin

<p><b>Kotlin</b> is a <a href="">statically-typed</a> <a href="">programming language</a> that runs on the <a href="">Java virtual machine</a> and also can be compiled to <a href="">JavaScript</a> source code or uses the <a href="">LLVM</a> compiler infrastructure. Its primary development is from a team of <a href="">JetBrains</a> programmers based in <a href="">Saint Petersburg</a>, Russia.<sup><a href="">[2]</a></sup>While the syntax is not compatible with Java, Kotlin is designed to interoperate with <a href="">Java</a> code and is reliant on Java code from the existing <a href="">Java Class Library</a>, such as the <a href="">collections framework</a>.</p>