Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Track Name: C++

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  • C++ Today: The Beast Is Back

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    Jon Kalb
    After being the exciting new language of the 80s and 90s C++ lost its luster in the 2000, but has come roaring back. This talk explains why.
    12:30 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside A
    Attending: 46  | Interested: 68

  • What I wish people knew about C++

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    Michael Klose
    C++11 basics, particularly move semantics, RAII, and pairing lambda functions with standard algorithms.
    1:30 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside D
    Attending: 31  | Interested: 64

  • Modern Intermediate Template Techniques

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    Jon Kalb
    You know the basics of templates and you are ready for more. This talk will add a half dozen template-based techniques to your C++ development toolbox. You don’t have to be a wizard to learn or use these techniques—you’ll just look like you are.
    3:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside C
    Attending: 19  | Interested: 32

  • Better Numeric Types in C++

    This talk introduces a number library, CNL, which improves on the integers that C++ provides. It will also be valuable to anyone who wants a better grasp on how to use integers safely and effectively.
    4:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Rendezvous
    Attending: 16  | Interested: 33

  • dynamic_cast From Scratch

    Join Arthur O'Dwyer on a tour of the C++ object model, from simple structs to multiple and virtual inheritance; covering virtual method calls, vtables, RTTI, and the uses of the `final` qualifier.
    5:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside B
    Attending: 22  | Interested: 29

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