Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Track Name: Azure

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  • Intro to Azure CosmosDB

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    Daniel Egan
    . You can develop document, key/value, or graph databases with Cosmos DB using a series of popular APIs and programming models. In this session we will show you how easy it is to use and scale with CosmosDB.
    10:45 AM Saturday
    Room: Rendezvous
    Attending: 8  | Interested: 31

  • Kubernetes – Hands-On Demos for Container Orchestration

    100% Hands on Kubernetes - Redis, Python, Flask, MySQL
    12:30 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square A
    Attending: 46  | Interested: 121

  • Containers Your Way

    Just thinking about Containers? Figuring out where the fit in the cloud ecosystem? Completely unsure of how you should use them? Learn the different ways you can use containers today and find out how to quickly get started.
    3:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside A
    Attending: 38  | Interested: 104

  • Azure Functions

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    Robin Shahan
    Azure Functions is a serverless compute service. In this session, I'll discuss them, and show how to create them. I'll also talk about Event Grid and show how to use it with Functions.
    4:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Fireside D
    Attending: 18  | Interested: 29

  • Enterprise Blockchain with Microsoft Azure

    Learn how to deploy enterprise blockchain solution on Azure, understand Microsoft Cloud-specific constructs to enable next-generation blockchain solutions (cryptlets), and glance into the future of blockchain on Azure.
    5:00 PM Saturday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 31  | Interested: 43

  • Microsoft, Linux, Open Source, Cloud + DevOps

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    Jessica Deen
    Microsoft has made significant contributions to the Open Source community. In this session, I will teach you how you can use these open source tools in your dev environment to implement DevOps best practices in your pipeline.
    10:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Rendezvous
    Attending: 9  | Interested: 51

  • Complete CI/CD Pipeline to Microsoft Azure with Docker using Jenkins

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    Jessica Deen
    We will review an open source CD/CI tool, Jenkins, and show how to use it in conjunction with Microsoft’s Cloud platform, Microsoft Azure, & Docker Swarm.
    11:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Fireside B
    Attending: 15  | Interested: 33

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