Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Track Name: Agile

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  • Agile Appetizer

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    Andrew Webster
    Lost the appetite for Agile approaches? Never had the appetite? Don't actually know what "Agile" is all about? Perfect! Here's a quick appetizer to get you to that point of going "Oh, yum! More please!"
    9:00 AM Sunday
    Room: Town Square C
    Attending: 23  | Interested: 57

  • Dream Teams: Making Your Dream (Team) Come True

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    Ron Lichty
    What differentiates high performance teams? What makes it a dream team? What’s our role–and what’s the role of our leaders–in crafting culture that supports emergence of dream teams? What can we each do–what must we do–to be part of a dream team?
    10:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Round Table
    Attending: 26  | Interested: 64

  • Team Scaling Ninja

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    Robert Oliver
    Self-organize your multi-team development and take it to the next level and become a team scaling Ninja!
    11:15 AM Sunday
    Room: Round Table
    Attending: 11  | Interested: 41

  • Your User Stories Are Too Big!

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    Cathy Simpson
    A common problem for scrum teams is user stories that are too big. When a user story is too big, it is harder to understand, estimate, and complete successfully. In this session, come get hands-on experience splitting stories with 4 proven methods.
    1:00 PM Sunday
    Room: Round Table
    Attending: 20  | Interested: 71

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