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Aswani Nerella

Blueshift Labs
About Aswani  
Aswani Nerella is a developer and architect at Blueshift (www.blueshift.com). Blueshift’s technology enables launching direct customer engagement at scale by combining behavioral data, AI and cross channel automation in an unified product. Aswani is the co-inventor of PLaSMA (Personalization Language for Segment-­-of-­-One Marketing Automation), a language that enables combining real time context of a user with pre-­- computed product rankings based on their most recent behavior, CRM attributes or inferred affinities. Aswani has built Cassandra and REDIS backed microservices which serve huge amount of traffic at low latencies. Previously, Aswani managed the Groupon Goods team and was instrumental in bringing up the 1st version of the node.js version of groupon.com/goods site.
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  • Scaling infrastructure using AWS

    Airbnb has grown significantly over the last 3 years. A year after Airbnb launched, the company decided to migrate nearly all of its cloud computing functions to Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of service administration challenges experienced with its original provider.

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