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Sidharth Sharma

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Sid Sharma is leading the developer evangelism efforts at Agora.io. He has experience in both API and platform evangelism with heavy exposure in the CPaaS and real-time communications space. Sid started out as the first full time Developer Advocate at Nexmo and helped define the program while improving the developer experience which helped increase the API call rate by over 250% in 1.5 years. Afterwards, he joined CodinGame where he helped increase and engage their developer audience which grew by 3.5X during his time there to over 900k developers. Now at Agora.io, he has defined the developer relations program and has helped increase the number of active developers on the platform by 3X in just 7 months. Sid enjoys attending a variety of conferences covering a wide array of technologies, local meet-ups, and creating tutorials built off demos along with a variety of other activities within the developer community.
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  • Scaling infrastructure using AWS

    Airbnb has grown significantly over the last 3 years. A year after Airbnb launched, the company decided to migrate nearly all of its cloud computing functions to Amazon Web Services (AWS) because of service administration challenges experienced with its original provider.

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