9:30 AM Saturday
Fireside C
Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019session

Knowing Linux and Docker Security for Kubernetes Security

Dockerized applications are on rise with Kubernetes as orchastartor. In this session, let us learn how Linux/Docker security principles power Kubernetes Security. Live demos will make concepts clear and session highly interactive.

About This Session

Securing docker application requires one to know internals of Linux security. Armed with Linux security pillars, we will review how docker security has expanded on it. Kubernetes is default orchastrator of dockerized applications. With basics of Linux and Docker security covered, we will review foundations of Kubernetes security. We will review YAML files with various aspects of Kubernetes security ( Node, Pod, Container, Port, ServerRole, RBAC etc. ).

In this session, you will also learn how docker security can be transparently moved to Kubernetes and then, you can make improvements in incremental manner. Live demos will make concepts clear and session highly interactive. The demos will be shown on local Dcoker installation and on public clouds like Googe, Azure Kubernetes platforms.

9:30 AM Saturday   Room: Fireside C

The Speaker(s)

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Sunil Sabat

Senior Director , BigID

I am principal technical alliance manager at Informatica. I have presented paper at Silicon Valley Code Camp. I also offer big data training and blog at bigdataknowhow.weebly.com. I am MS(Comp Eng.), MS( Comp. Sc) and MBA. My passion is to learn new software and hardware technologies and solve practical use cases for the benefit of businesses, governments and people in general. I want to give back to community in many ways I can.

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