Fast Exact Neighbor Search in Hamming Space Using Elasticsearch

About This Session

* Need for near-duplicate image detection in various use cases in eCommerce
* Fundamental research on exact search in Hamming space using Elasticsearch
* How we implement near-duplicate image detection using pHash
* Comparison with FAISS, which is the best-in-class KNN search
* Implementation notes on how we scale the solution

The Speaker

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Binwei Yang

Engineer Walmart Labs

Binwei Yang is an engineer, a hacker, and a hustler. He is passionate about becoming a lifelong learner and equipping youth in underserved communities with high-tech skills. Binwei graduated from University of Southern California with a Master in Computer Engineering and Ph.D. in Physics, and has more than 20 years of professional experience of creating massively scalable customer-facing applications. He currently works on computer vision as a principal engineer for Walmart Labs.