2:15 PM Saturday
Town Square C
Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019session

Cubes, Hexagons and More: Understanding the Microservices Through Shapes

Learn microservice architecture essentials through visual metaphors.

About This Session

The microservice architecture is becoming increasing important.
But what is it exactly?
Why should you care about microservices?
And, what do you need to do to ensure that your organization uses the microservice architecture successfully?

In this talk, I’ll answer these and other questions using shapes as visual metaphors.
You will learn about the motivations for the microservice architecture and why simply adopting microservices is insufficient.
I describe essential characteristics of microservices
You will learn how a successful microservice architecture consist of loosely coupled services with stable APIs that communicate asynchronous
I cover strategies for effectively testing microservices.

2:15 PM Saturday   Room: Town Square C

The Speaker(s)

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Chris Richardson

Founder , Eventuate, Inc

Founder of Eventuate, Author of POJOs in Action, creator of the original Cloud Foundry

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