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srinivas kocharlakota

srinivas kocharlakota
18 years of product development experience involving technologies that span multiple disciplines including embedded electronics,sensors, cloud computing serving as hands on Senior Engineering Manager at Oracle .
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Speaking Sessions

  • Systems software for cloud server platforms

    Companies like Dropbox,Google or Oracle offer PAAS ,SAAS , IAAS on servers with 24/7 availability and reliability.The fundamental before offering any cloud service is to first come up with a good hardware design and system software to monitor those servers on which PAAS ,SAAS can be deployed.
    Server teams ensure reliability ,availability and serviceability for servers such that these SAAS/PAAS platform run on the servers with absolutely no downtime or 99.9999 up time.

    This talk provides an overview of

    What does such an architecture look like ?
    What are key engineering challenges in building server platforms?
    What does the H/W look like in those servers?
    What are open sources around it ?