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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019

Carsten Jacobsen

Uber Technologies Inc.
Carsten Jacobsen
Carsten Jacobsen has a background as a software developer, and has specialized in API and software integration in enterprise solutions. Carsten is working as an Open Source Developer Advocate at Uber, is a public speaker, writer and still loves to code.
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Speaking Sessions

  • How to successfully Open Source a project

    9:30 AM Saturday   Room: Rendezvous
    Open sourcing a project can have many benefits, both for companies and for individuals. But it takes more than just making a GitHub repository public, and adding an open source license to it, to become successful with the project.

    In this talk, Carsten Jacobsen, Open Source Developer Advocate at Uber, talks about how to select which projects to open source, how to prepare projects for open sourcing, licensing and how to measure the success of the project.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2019 PayPal Town Hall

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