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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018

Pritam Roy

Mentor Graphics Corporation
Pritam Roy
I am working as a Member of Consulting Staff at Mentor Graphics/CalyptoSystemsDivision. Prior to that, I was Consulting Engineer at Atrenta. I was a Post Doctoral Researcher at University of California, Los Angeles during Jan-Dec 2010. Before that, I have completed my Ph.D. studies under the supervision of Dr. Luca de Alfaro. I spent the summer of 2009 in SRI International. I had done the summer internship of 2007 in NEC Research Lab, USA. I spent the summer of 2005 in Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE) group at Microsoft Research Lab, Redmond, USA. I did B.Tech.(Hons) and M.S. from Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institue of Technology, Kharagpur.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Android Device Drivers: Deep Dive into Android Kernel

    12:45 PM Sunday   Room: Rendezvous
    This is 2nd Talk in 3-talk track on Android Device Drivers.
    Android is a Linux-based architecture. In addition to the original Linux driver, Android need other additional device driver, like Android Logger, Binder, Low Memory killer, Power Management for android(wakelock), ASHMEM, etc out of which ashmem ,logger and binder are all character device drivers.
    How about understanding one such driver and implementing our own driver ??

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