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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018

Craig Berntson

Craig Berntson
Craig has a passion for community and helping other developers improve their skills. He writes the column "Software Gardening" in DotNet Curry Magazine and is the co-author of "Continuous Integration in .NET" available from Manning. He works as a Senior Software Engineer at HealthEquity.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Clean Architecture

    9:30 AM Saturday   Room: Fireside C

    We've heard about clean code for years, but what about clean architecture. In this session you will learn how to improve developer productivity by using clean architecture concepts. Topics to be discussed:
    - Understand function, components, and data separation
    - Determine what's important and what isn't
    - Defining boundaries and layers
    - Organizing components and services
    - And more

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2018 PayPal Town Hall

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