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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Nate Barbettini

Nate Barbettini
Nate is the .NET Developer Evangelist at Stormpath in San Francisco. Prior to Stormpath, he was a fullstack developer working in C# and Angular, and ran a video production company producing short films and music videos. On the weekend you'll find him contributing to a number of open-source projects, editing short films, and training for a marathon.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Build an Alexa skill with .NET Core and AWS Lambda

    9:00 AM Sunday   Room: Fireside C
    AI is expanding into our daily lives. Devices and agents like Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home are gaining huge traction in homes and phones around the globe. What better way to embrace our AI overlords than to build your own Alexa skill?

    Learn how to use open-source tools and .NET Core to build and deploy a custom Alexa skill. The project will utilize AWS Lambda for friction-free deployment and scaling. A live demo will be included!

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