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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Mandar Jog

Mandar Jog
Mandar Jog is a senior software engineer at Google working on Istio. He has been working on the project since its inception. Mandar has been in the micro services world for years, both consuming and creating service mesh related technologies. Prior to Google, Mandar has led engineering teams at startups and worked for Pivotal and IBM.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Istio: service mesh for all

    1:30 PM Saturday   Room: Chin Wagger
    Rapid growth of microservices necessitates new tools to manage the space between them . Istio provides the common networking, security, telemetry, and policy fabric to do just that. This is the "Service-Mesh" ! <br/> Istio obviates the need for individual services to re-implement these common concerns and implements them in a principled way. <br/> This talk will cover motivations behind Istio, architecture and a demo.

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