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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Gabe Abinante

Gabe Abinante
Gabe Abinante is an artist and devops engineer. After 4 years of IT in corporate environments and working for himself as a consultant and web designer, he decided to leverage his technical skills in the start-up space. Aside from designing infrastructure in the cloud, he does leatherworking, metalwork, and is in the process of writing a novel.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Fantastic Transcoder: Massively Parallel video conversion in AWS Lambda

    12:30 PM Saturday   Room: Chin Wagger
    Fantastic Transcoder is a serverless video encoder which utilizes massively parallel compute in AWS Lambda to achieve ludicrous conversion speeds. It exists as an orchestrated collection of Lambda tasks which uses DynamoDB, SQS, and S3 for data structure, job tracking, and object storage respectively, essentially turning Lambda into a render farm. Take a deep dive on how Fantastic Transcoder itself works, gotchas of massively parallel programming, failure cases, and using lambda efficiently at scale.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017 PayPal Town Hall

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