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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017

Akansh Murthy

Akansh Murthy
Healthcare software engineer who loves to educate. Former healthtech and edtech entrepreneur. MIT, TechStars, and App Academy alum. Obsessed with checklists, best practices, and quality.
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  • Common Post Deployment Snafus

    9:45 AM Saturday   Room: Shoot The Breeze
    This session will cover, from personal experience after just a year of professional programming, the 10 most common problems that surface after deploying code to production environments. It will encompass concepts such as performance, style, security, null, patterns in service oriented architectures and more! I'll show actual code and walk through how to avoid the pitfalls by modifying said code. Ultimately, this is a checklist-type talk to improve code quality and delivery.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2017 PayPal Town Hall

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