Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Zachary Abraham

About Zachary
I'm a 10th grade student and technology enthusiast who has delved with apps and gadgets. I not only love playing with it but love to use it to make cool gadgets like the quadcopter or program applications. I’m familiar with Java, python, C, Html, css and web design. I’m one of the main programmers on the Robotics team. I’m also a technology presenter who volunteers at Dev0xx4Kids an organization that teaches kids to program. I recently presented at google and taught kids how to write python games for the Warriors.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Programming in Python - level 1

    This workshop teaches kids python programming with fun interactive programs with the basketball team warriors.Python is a powerful language used by sites like YouTube You'll learn how to create variables , how to use the python console and write fun scoring games using if else and while conditional statements.