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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016

Tanay Sonthalia

Tanay Sonthalia
I am a high schooler at Mountain View High School, and I have been coding since I was 8 years old. I am 13 years old and I love designing websites. HTML is definitely my favorite language to code in. I have created 3 websites that are online currently. I have helped my brother with the classes he taught many times, so I have enough experience to teach how to build a website. In fact, my brother taught at Code Camp, so I taught here with him. I have created a few iOS apps too, but none of them are on the app store. My favorite two sports are basketball and soccer and I play competitively in both. I am also a Boy Scout and I love the outdoors. I love hiking and camping and being with nature.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Build Your Own Website Using HTML and CSS

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: R3-312
    This session is for beginners for 5th graders and older. It will be an intro into how to build a website using HTML and CSS. By the end of the class, every attendee know how to design and develop a website. ALL ATTENDEES MUST DOWNLOAD SUBLIME TEXT (TRIAL VERSION) IF THEY HAVE A MAC, OR NOTEPAD++ IF THEY HAVE A P.C.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016 Evergreen Valley College

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