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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016

Sara Ford

Sara Ford
Sara Ford is a Sr. Product Manager at GitHub. Previously, she worked at Microsoft on Visual Studio and CodePlex. In 2015 Sara received her Masters degree in Human Factors (UX/HCI) at San Jose State by writing a Kinect application to study motor learning (aka how "muscle memory" is formed).
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Speaking Sessions

  • The Psychology of Developer Tools Usability (and lack thereof)

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: C209
    Yes, developer tools are complex, requiring prior knowledge and training to use efficiently. But just because something is complex doesn't mean it can't be usable! Consider anesthesiology. We’d all agree anesthesiology is complicated and requires prior knowledge. But I’m willing to bet we are all secretly hoping these medical tools are as usable as possible for the doctor. Gain insights into the most important psychological considerations missing from most developer tools designs, so you can make your next project more enjoyable for your users!

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016 Evergreen Valley College

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