Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 1 & 2, 2016

Randall Koutnik

About Randall
Randall is a senior engineer at Netflix, building tools that wake up other Netflixers when things break. To offset that karma, he’s adopted a cat that wakes him up at night whenever a new JS framework is released. You can find his words in written form at
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Speaking Sessions

  • A math-free introduction to Neural Networks

    You may have heard of neural networks - mysterious artificial brains that power titans like Google & Netflix. You may even have tried to build your own but were stymied by scads of equations and other strange symbols. Fear no more, fellow human! You’ll pick up the neural lingo in no time with this talk. Learn about the building blocks of neural networks and how they connect together to build a data structure that learns. There will be nothing more complicated than addition and multiplication.