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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016

Omkar Govil-Nair

Omkar Govil-Nair
Omkar is 9 years old maker who got interested in electronics and programming when he was 6 and attended first MakerFaire. He created a programmable smartwatch kit for kids to teach them programming, 3D design and printing when he was 8 and got it funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Programming and 3D printing using a O Watch Smartwatch Kit

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: RD-301
    This session will be using a TheOwatch kit to teach concepts of Arduino Programming and 3D printing to kids. They will write a basic time program during this session and learn how the 3D printed watch case is made. O Watch becomes smarter as kids learn more and more and add more programs.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016 Evergreen Valley College

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