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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016

Manoj Agarwal

Manoj Agarwal
Manoj has 20 years of experience in the industry. He likes solving high-availability and scalability problems in distributed systems. He is an AWS certified architect & developer. In his spare time, he likes cycling, hiking or playing board games.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Building Serverless Microservices

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: RG-122
    In this talk we’ll explore how two revolutionary ideas come together: Microservice architectures that help you organize your backend into individually deployable units, and implementing those services in a functional way using AWS Lambda. During the talk we’ll stand up a secure, scalable, fault-tolerant service from scratch to demonstrate the power and simplicity of this approach. We’ll also see how built-in integration with cloud-based monitoring makes Lambda function-based microservices easy to monitor, and how you can quickly develop clients for a variety of platforms, languages, and devices to use these services.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2016 Evergreen Valley College

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