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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Sunil Sabat

Sunil Sabat
I like code camp where I can experience many technologies in demo, speeches etc. I am Microsoft Certified Professional, CompTIA and IBM certified. I have MBA from Santa Clara. I have worked at Intel, IBM and other start-ups that went IPO or got acquired. I am always eager about NEXT FRONTIER in products/solutions that would change the world. Now, I work at Informatica Corp. My role is to work with my partners and help develop our products with combined technologies for best user experience.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Big Data Modeling for Mobile App World

    2:45 PM Sunday   Room: AD-123
    Big Data is defined by Volume, Variety and Velocity. Managing big data for ultimate app experience is not an easy ask. Sound planning to store and manage your data sets goes long way in providing strong foundation for your app. Modeling is key. Data modeling techniques capture and translate complex system designs into easily understood representations of the data flows and processes, creating a blueprint for construction and/or re-engineering. Data modelers often use multiple models to view the same data and ensure that all processes, entities, relationships and data flows have been identified. There are several different approaches to data modeling, including: Conceptual Data Modeling - identifies the highest-level relationships between different entities. Enterprise Data Modeling - similar to conceptual data modeling, but addresses the unique requirements of a specific business. Logical Data Modeling - illustrates the specific entities, attributes and relationships involved in a business function. Serves as the basis for the creation of the physical data model. in this session, based on above fundamentals, let us learn more about how we model for NoSQL big data storage engines like MongoDB, Cassandra and Hbase which touch most big data apps today. You will learn row key and index designs. We will cover an app development and deployment at scale. We will go over an example on how we enable a developer change data model on fly and deliver new feature for the app.

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