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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Sumant Tambe

Sumant Tambe
Sumant is a Sr. Software Engineer at LinkedIn and a Microsoft MVP. He helps run Kafka and the related streaming infrastructure at LinkedIn. He contributes in open-source Apache Kafka and writes Kafka Truths and C++ Truths blogs. Previously he worked on reactive stream processing for Industrial IoT system in RTI.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Composable Generators and Property-based Testing in C++14

    11:15 AM Saturday   Room: VPA-115
    C++14 has an enviable collection of functional programming features such as generic lambdas, type inference, variadic templates, function types with co-/contra-variance and so on. With mature compiler support, designing and implementing performant functional-style libraries has become very pleasant in modern C++. Tools and techniques (e.g., property-based testing) enjoyed by the programmers in only elite functional languages (Haskell, Scala) now appear to be within C++'s reach. This presentation will discuss two classic techniques from the functional domain -- composable data generators and property-based testing -- implemented in C++14 for testing a generic serialization and deserialization library (RefleX). We will look at techniques of constructing complex generators using a random number generator and a tolerable dose of monoids, functors, and of course, monads. We won't stop there though! We will look at automatic type generators using C++ TMP. Equipped with data and type generators, we'll take property-based testing to a whole new level where lazy programmers don't have to do anything to test their programs beyond just compilation and running the test over and over.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015 Evergreen Valley College

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