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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Sanjana Shah

Sanjana Shah
Sanjana has a passion for computer programming and loves to spark STEM interest in kids. She has taught HTML/CSS, Scratch, Javascript, and Tynker at various non-profit organizations in the past and held many ‘Hour of Code’ sessions to introduce younger kids to coding. Besides programming, she likes Math and Science and is part of her school’s Science Olympiad team. In her free time, Sanjana enjoys swimming and Bollywood dancing.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Build Your Game with Tynker

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: RD-312
    Tynker is a platform that helps kids develop computational thinking and programming skills in a fun, intuitive, and imaginative way. The game-based programming activities not only help in developing critical thinking and analytical skills but also empower children to innovate and create. In this workshop, we will use Tynker’s visual coding blocks to create a game. Kids will use built-in tools to create their own characters, animation sequences, sound effects, and music - all tied together in conditional statements, loops, screen positioning parameters and event triggers. This workshop is ideal for kids in grade 3 and above. Bring in your laptop to continue exploring and learning with lots of FUN!!!

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015 Evergreen Valley College

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