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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Samaira mehta

Samaira mehta
Samaira Mehta, an 8 year old girl created a board game that teaches programming concepts to young coders. Being a board game enthusiasts herself, she mixed the idea of board game with her coding work to create her game - "CoderBunnyz". She is a 2nd grader at California Distinguished Millikin Elementary. She started a “Green Club” at Millikin with a motto to promote “keep earth clean” habits in her school mates. Besides being a founder at coderbunnyz.com, she is a songwriter, a singer, a swimmer, an ice skater and an origami enthusiast. In addition to song covers, she is composing and singing her own songs. Her debut self written motivational song “Don’t Give up!” and game song “We are the Coderbunnyz” are now available. Her mission is to get the young kids excited about coding in a fun way. She is accessible @coderbunnyz or at www.coderbunnyz.com
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Speaking Sessions

  • CoderBunnyz - Teaching coding fundamentals with a fun board game

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: RF-141
    The session will go over coding fundamentals and a game to introduce coding concepts to young kids. The instructor, Samaira, an 8 year old creator of the board game “CoderBunnyz”, is working on getting young kids excited about coding in fun way. Here’s the workshop outline: • Brief background on coding and introduction. • Start with level 1 of the board game and introduce some basic sequencing and debugging fundamentals. Play a game. • As kids get excited, unlock tokens like carrot, puddle, fence to teach conditionals (if/then/else), jump, strategy and play an intermediate level game. Play a game. • Next, introduce advance cards for learning iteration (loop/repeat) and function. Provide overview on how advanced card could be used to learn these concepts. • Finally, present other ways kids may learn programming fundamental with this simple board game (including dice fun, open play). Kid while playing a board game and having fun would learn concepts on: • Sequence and Strategy • Conditionals if <> then <> else <> • Debugging • Iterations(loops) and Repeat • Functions This is not a session for intermediate or advance Scratch or Tynker kids, but for young beginners who are getting introduced to coding. The idea here is to introduce coding fundamentals to kids, and if they are taught to think logically and even computationally at a young age, they will be able to learn programming more easily as they grow. Prerequisite : None , No prior coding knowledge is required.

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