Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 3rd and 4th 2015

Robert Harker

Harker Systems
About Robert
Robert Harker is a gray beard Linux/UNIX systems administrator and web farm wrangler. At Yahoo Sports he was involved in their move to agile development. In Yahoo Sports move to a DevOps team he was from the Ops side of the house championing automation for the deployment process of new code to production. Yahoo Sports used the Jenkins build automation framework to build, package, deploy and automatically test code in all three of their environments, development, test/staging and production. His current interest is the Open Data movement of publishing public government data in a cloud repository which can be analyzed by the public with either web based portal tools or via a RESTful API passing data as json text. He is currently working with the County of San Mateo Open Data portal, data,, to publish public data locked into legacy platforms on the Open Data web site.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Using Jenkins To Automate Building, Testing And Deployment Of New Code

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: S-140
    Jenkins is a popular web based build automation tool used in agile development and the DevOps movement. Jenkins allows you to define a sequence of build jobs that can be automatically triggered by a git commit. Jenkins provides a dashboard to monitor the status of build jobs. If there is a problem with the build you can drill down into the build logs to discover the exact error. This allows you to quickly discover the problem and fix it. An overview of Jenkins and how it works will be presented. Building and testing of a simple PHP program will be demonstrated.