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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

John-Daniel Trask

John-Daniel Trask
John-Daniel Trask is the co-founder & CEO of Raygun, a software tools company based in Wellington. John-Daniel is also the winner of the New Zealand Hi-Tech Young Achiever award in 2009, and is a Microsoft MVP (most valuable professional) for the past 5 years. Passionate about business and technology, John-Daniel focuses on the growth of Raygun as it sells software globally to more than 100 countries. When not writing biographies in the third person, he can be found reading, gaming or drinking a fine whiskey.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Handling billions of exceptions with .NET & Raygun.io

    1:45 PM Saturday   Room: RG-248
    Raygun.io is a exception and crash recording and alerting platform for every programming language in use today. This presentation looks at how performance coding was important to handle the scaling, with a particular focus on JavaScript Source Map processing. John-Daniel will be talking about how the team built the platform and how it has processed billions of software exceptions, all in real-time. With a focus on some of the performance aspects of building a system that has peaked at more than 110,000 crash reports per second being received.

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