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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Jeancarl Bisson

Jeancarl Bisson
JeanCarl Bisson is an IBM Developer Advocate based in the San Francisco Bay Area. With over two decades of development experience on the web, he enjoys coding in the cloud and building rapid prototypes powered by IBM Watson. He has participated in more than a hundred hackathons and can often be found tinkering with APIs and IoT, making connections that inspire others to use in their own projects. JeanCarl is also very active in meetups, workshops, and local developer communities.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Build your idea at a 24 hour hackathon

    2:45 PM Sunday   Room: S-150
    Ever had an idea for an app or a website but never knew how to get it built quickly? Hackathons might be your answer. A hackathon is where developers and non-developers spend their weekend together building crazy ideas and are rewarded with prizes. In the Bay Area, multiple hackathons are held weekly and offer a great place to meet new people and build out an idea you have been thinking about for awhile but never had the time to actually do it! JeanCarl will talk about the process he uses to take an idea to a functioning prototype in 24 hours. Topics include: finding the talent, ideation, choosing the technology stack, planning the stages of development, working in a team environment, modularization, pitching the prototype, winning prizes, and going to market. Attendees will learn about pitfalls throughout the process and gain an appreciation of how you can take an idea to market via a hackathon. This session is designed for everyone, no coding experience required.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015 Evergreen Valley College

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