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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015

Forbes Hedges

Cloudata Inc
Forbes Hedges
Forbes Hedges, co-founder of Cloudata Inc (http://www.hwswworld.com), a corp-to-corp consulting firm, which specialize in Highly Resilient Hyper-Scale Hyper-convergence Big Data Cloud (both Edge/IoT & Core/Data Center) Automation and Product/Application/Data/Change Total Life Cycle Management Automation, such as Java EE Legacy Monolithic Architecture to Container-based Immutable Microservices/Cloud Native Event-Driven Architecture Transformation/Modernization, On/Off-Cloud Bi-directional Migration, SaaS Transformation, CI/CD Pipeline Automation, DevOps Evolution with Container, Online Marketing & Digital Sales Automation
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Speaking Sessions

  • Challenges of HyperScale HyperConvergence Big Data Cloud Automation

    1:15 PM Sunday   Room: AF-231
    Enterprise is being consumerized, and consumer being enterprised - The future belongs to Business Virtualization powered by Invisible Business Architecture The sweetest spot in Innovation is Automation The most painful Pain Point for any business is the mismatch between supplies and demands The distinction between web- and enterprise-grade infrastructure platforms has been vanishing Cloud Computing and Big Data are being driven by each other as both HyperScale and HyperConvergence become the mainstream Networking has been surpassing Storage to become the biggest bottleneck in Big Data Cloud, while top 3 challenges in Big Data Cloud are scalability, availability, and resilience Nothing manual except CREATION cannot be automated Creativity cannot be learned, whether Deep or Shallow Augmented Intelligence is the Ultimate Artificial Intelligence

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2015 Evergreen Valley College

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