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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

Vlad Patryshev

Vlad Patryshev
Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia; studied in St.Petersburg. Married. 2 grown-up children. Living in San Jose. Riding a road bike on weekends. https://github.com/vpatryshev presheaf.com ivan_gandhi.livejournal.com
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Speaking Sessions

  • Manipulating Properties in Scala. Why Flat Properties are Best.

    1:45 PM Saturday   Room: 4223
    There is a reason why XML and JSON are not parseable by regexes. There is a reason why storing XML or JSON in a db is a wrong idea - they are not parseable by regexes. But we can convert them into structures that are. Flattened properties can be versatile, while being very simple. A class Props that I've been developing is an example of such versatility. Another class, Result, is worth discussing together with this class.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

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