Silicon Valley Code Camp : October 11th and 12th 2014

Venkat Gajulapalli

About Venkat
Hello SV Code Campers, I am Venkat Gajulapalli. I work for Intuit as a Quality Engineering manager. I am passionate about Quality Engineering. Specially around Continuous Integration, Tools and Automation. Outside work and family, I am into Tennis and Toastmasters. I served in leadership roles at Toastmasters international. Looking forward to be at SVCC this year.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Quality Dashboard - One stop shop to determine product quality

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: 4203
    To asses the quality of your product or a release, you need to look at various metrics. - Total Defects in the system; creation vs closing rate - Code Coverage Statistics - Test case pass rate - State of the CI (Continuous Integration) build - Nightly deployment build status These metrics are in different sources. Defect data from Jira (or similar defect management system). Build data from Jenkins (or similar CI system). Think about having all the above metrics at one place; Automatically generate your release reports and determine the health of your current release. Build the intelligence to report the status based on various rules. (For eg..if the Code Coverage is < 85%, show the status as RED).