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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

Venkat Gajulapalli

Venkat Gajulapalli
Hello SV Code Campers, I am Venkat Gajulapalli. I work for Intuit as a Quality Engineering manager. I am passionate about Quality Engineering. Specially around Continuous Integration, Tools and Automation. Outside work and family, I am into Tennis and Toastmasters. I served in leadership roles at Toastmasters international. Looking forward to be at SVCC this year.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Quality Dashboard - One stop shop to determine product quality

    9:15 AM Sunday   Room: 4203
    To asses the quality of your product or a release, you need to look at various metrics. </br> </br> - Total Defects in the system; creation vs closing rate </br> - Code Coverage Statistics </br> - Test case pass rate </br> - State of the CI (Continuous Integration) build </br> - Nightly deployment build status <br> </br> These metrics are in different sources. </br> Defect data from Jira (or similar defect management system).</br> Build data from Jenkins (or similar CI system).</br> </br> Think about having all the above metrics at one place; </br> Automatically generate your release reports and determine the health of your current release.</br> Build the intelligence to report the status based on various rules.</br> (For eg..if the Code Coverage is < 85%, show the status as RED).</br>

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

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