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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

Rahul Agarwal

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Rahul Agarwal
Developer with experience in Java, OSGi, Spring, Hibernate, highly scalable and highly transactional systems, RESTful APIs, E-Commerce and Micro-transaction systems. Part-time instructor at UCSC Silicon Valley and Foothill College. Expertise in backend systems but I have also played with Android and Glass.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Creating REST services with JAX-RS

    11:15 AM Saturday   Room: 4221
    <p>If you are creating REST APIs in Java then JAX-RS is the standard. We will briefly talk about the HTTP protocol and what REST is and then create some APIs. We will use Spring/Maven to put it together and deploy in Tomcat. This is a small part of a class I teach at UCSC Silicon Valley.</p> <p>Some code we will review is at <a href="https://github.com/rahulaga/code-camp">https://github.com/rahulaga/code-camp</a></p>

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

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