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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

Beth Massi

Beth Massi
I'm a Senior Program Manager on the .NET team at Microsoft. I'm a community champion for .NET and open source developers and a Technical Evangelist for the .NET Foundation. Follow me on twitter @BethMassi
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Speaking Sessions

  • Developing Office 365 Cloud Business Apps with Visual Studio

    5:00 PM Saturday   Room: 4203
    Office 365 is an ideal business app platform providing a core set of services expected in today’s business apps like collaboration, presence and integrated workflows, and a central location for installing, discovering and managing the apps. Office 365 makes these business apps available where users already spend their time – in SharePoint & Office. Visual Studio 2013 streamlines the way developers build modern business applications for Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 with the Office 365 Cloud Business App project. In this demo-heavy session, you will see the latest enhancements we’ve made that allow developers to build connected, touch-centric, cross-platform, HTML5-based business applications for Office 365.

  • Building Apps with the Office 365 API Client Libraries

    3:30 PM Saturday   Room: 4203
    Office 365 provides REST-based APIs that enable developers to access Office resources such as calendar, contacts, mail, files, and more. Using the new .NET and JavaScript client libraries and tools for Visual Studio provides easy access to these Office 365 APIs. In this talk, Beth will show you how to use the Office 365 API client tools for Visual Studio to build on a variety of applications and platforms from traditional Windows desktop to Android and iOS using Xamarin.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2014

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