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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

Robert Felten

Robert Felten Software LLC
Robert Felten
Robert Felten has an MS degree in Computer Science from UCLA. He is president of Robert Felten Software LLC, and just finished a contract developing an NVMe compliant SSD manager written in Qt/C++ for IDT in San Jose. Robert specializes in C++ for embedded linux and Qt/C++ desktop GUI applications. He has taught classes in C++, testing, GUI development, Object Oriented programming, and now is teaching Qt.
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Speaking Sessions

  • Qt Container Classes

    3:30 PM Saturday   Room: 8403
    Why I dumped STL and Boost container classes and now use Qt container classes exclusively, even when not using GUI's. Introduction to Qt container classes for C++ / STL programmers.Qt container classes have more intuitive interfaces, more powerful functions, and more efficient implementations than the STL.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

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