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Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

Manoj Kumar

Manoj Kumar
Manoj Kumar is a Principal Software Engineer at Oracle, currently working in Oracle Social Network group. He has over 20 years of experience in the software industry working on application servers, application development frameworks and web services. He has M.Tech. in Computer Science and Data Processing from IIT Kharagpur and B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from IIT BHU, India. github: https://github.com/krmanoj/CodeCamp/tree/master/2014
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Speaking Sessions

  • Learn JavaScript/HTML5 by modeling and solving Rubik's Cube

    10:45 AM Sunday   Room: 5015
    We will touch many aspects of object oriented programming in JavaScript and create a model for Rubik's cube that helps us represent the state of the cube and compute the final effect of the cube for any given sequence of moves. We will use simple 2D graphics to draw the cube in an html page, capture mouse movements to rotate any side of the cube and let user interact with it in order to solve it. We will also discuss some algorithms to find useful moves by simple search mechanism enhanced with Rubik's cube common sense. Join us if you are new to JavaScript, have interest in Rubik's cube or just want to have some fun with programming.

Silicon Valley Code Camp 2013

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